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                             Two Ends of the Pen

​                             Meet Luke Edison in THIS interview by Two Ends of the Pen!

Luke Edison is a twenty-eight year-old traveling author who grew up alongside four siblings in a home that was never lacking adventure. During his sophomore year of high school Luke began writing a story that he had mapped out in his mind several years earlier, Valcarion: Sacrifices, as the first book of The Valcarion Series. Though Luke enjoys multiple art forms such as pencil sketches, song writing, and acting, his love for story telling is his most prominent and well-favored artistic interest. When not writing, Luke enjoys activities such as terrain-park skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, camping, and hiking. 

Though he has many passions in life, Luke’s primary goal may be found in his desire to positively influence the lives of young people by successfully making a name for himself. His plan is to use his writing as a tool to reach teens and young adults and to build his public personality. Like the protagonists in his writing, Luke hopes that his actions as a public figure will impact the world around him in ways which encourage and inspire people across the globe. 

Author Luke Edison is a life-long explorer and adventure lover. Join the adventure that he shars with fans thrugh his Young Adult Fantasy Series!
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